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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your contract?

We are so confident that your hotel or restaurant will see an increase in positive reviews that we do not make you sign a minimum term contract.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can switch between our Lite, Core and Pro subscriptions at any time. To do this please contact Sales.

Should I only ask guests for their feedback if I think its going to be positive?

Absolutely not. One of the great things about ReviewFilter is that as well as pushing positive reviews to public review sites it also gives unhappy customers a chance to vent their dissatisfaction in private. You should take this opportunity to listen to the customer and deal with their problem appropriately. Research shows that a customer who has made a complaint and been listened to by someone who genuinely cares is far less likely to publish a scathing negative review online.

Is this similar to TripAdvisor's ReviewExpress?

No, the problem with TripAdvisor’s ReviewExpress is that you do not have a chance to open dialog with an unhappy customer before its too late. Effectively you are encouraging all types of reviews whether they are positive or negative. This is great for TripAdvisor but not so good for your business and remember that too many negative reviews will adversely affect your ranking on TripAdvisor. ReviewExpress will also only work with TripAdvisor – whilst TripAdvisor is certainly important there are a lot of other important review sites that will give SEO benefits.

What is Social Share?

Our Social Share functionality allows you to share a really positive piece of feedback you received from a guest to Twitter. Because of Twitters 140 character limit our software gets around this by creating an image containing the text of the feedback, star rating and company logo. ReviewFilter then shares this through your company’s Twitter account.

Should I bother with Google reviews?

Google reviews should be a major part of your strategy. There is no doubt that they play a part in your SEO ranking and even affect how you are displayed on Google Maps. Not enough recent and genuine reviews can make the difference between being displayed as a tiny red dot on Google Maps rather than a large red dot.

Can I steer customers to a particular review site?

Absolutely! You can have up to 3 review sites active at any time. Sites can be enabled and disabled at the click of a button. Need more reviews posted to Yelp? No problem just enable Yelp and disable all the other sites. Now the guest will only have the option of publishing their review to Yelp.

Why would I use SMS over email?

SMS review requests are of most use to business’s like restaurants where they may not have the customers email address. Because the majority of people have smart phones a SMS review request can be sent that with a link that will open up in their mobile web browser. Our feedback system is 100% responsive so the whole review process can be completed on the smart phone.

What if the customer doesn't respond to the initial feedback request?

Our software will send up to a maximum of 3 reminder emails or SMS messages until the guest submits their feedback. You have complete control over the delay in between these reminders and can also deactivate the reminder emails/sms’s should you wish.

What is the benefit of using the WordPress plugin?

Our WordPress plugin allows a hotel or restaurant to display a curated list of (positive) customer feedback directly on their own website. The feedback/reviews are marked up in accordance with to ensure they are optimized for search engine results.