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9 out of 10 people read reviews before making a booking

In an ideal world every guest would be asked during check out if they enjoyed their stay. Unfortunately, our hotels don't operate in an ideal world and with a queue of guests waiting to check out and the phone ringing the receptionist may forget to ask. Not all guests are vocal in their dissatisfaction and the first management might hear of their complaint is by reading their one star review on TripAdvisor!

ReviewFilter is a cloud based tool for Hotels and Restaurants that engages with recent customers via email or SMS and invites them to give feedback on their recent experience of your business. If the feedback is positive the customer is automatically redirected to submit their review to sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, Google etc.

However, if the feedback is negative the customer’s comments will be forwarded on to the manager or business owner for them to deal with and hopefully resolve the complaint in private. Using ReviewFilter a business can push more positive reviews to public review sites whilst allowing disgruntled customers to vent in private thus improving its online reputation.

how it works

ReviewFilter works across devices so it doesn't matter if your guest is on their phone, tablet or computer.
Step 1 in reputation management

Upon checking out of the hotel the guest receives (an automated) email or SMS from the hotel Manager asking them about their stay.

Details of guests checking out can be imported into ReviewFilter individually, in batches using a .csv file, or via an API call from your Property Management Software.

ReviewFilter can be optionally configured to send a reminder email after a set number of days if the guest does not respond to the first email.

Step 2 in reputation management

When the guest clicks the link in the email it will take them to a mobile responsive webpage where the can rate their stay (one to five stars) and give their feedback in their own words.

As oppose to long winded hotel surveys we do not ask multiple questions or make the guest jump through hoops. We let them get straight to the point. Just like they would do in a review.

Out tests show that this gives us very high conversation rates when compared to traditional hotel surveys.

Step 3 in reputation management

If the guests feedback is positive they will be asked to publish their feedback on Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google or any other review site that you have enabled.

From within ReviewFilter you can easily enable or disable which review sites you want to push positive reviews to. Maybe your hotel is doing really well on Tripadvisor but you've had a couple of bad reviews on Facebook. No problem, just enable Facebook and disable the other review sites to push all your positive reviews there.

Step 4 in reputation management

If the feedback is negative the guest does not get the option to publish their review. Instead they are told that their comments have been forwarded to the manager/owner and that they will be in contact.

This buys the hotel some time to open dialogue with the guest and to try and resolve the complaint BEFORE the guests decides to vent their dissatisfaction on sites like Tripadvisor!

With neutral feedback (3 stars) the guest is just thanked for their feedback - they are not told anybody will get in contact with them

Hotel guest feedback database
Guest feedback database

Guest feedback organized into structured data

The guest feedback database is the heart of ReviewFilter. It lists all of your hotels feedback in a structured format that can be queried, sorted and acted upon.

Keep track and be immediately notified of incoming feedback. You can read and respond to feedback directly from within ReviewFilter. All feedback responded to is date stamped so your team knows that a guest complaint has been dealt with.

Want to target only satisfied guests with a targeted add campaign? No problem, just export a segmented list of all your 5 star guests to use with AdWords, Facebook or email marketing.

Guest dashboard
performance dashboard

Performance metrics for your hotel

From the Dashboard you can see at a glance how your hotel is doing based on its internal guest feedback.

Chart your historic and current review trends. Track guest satisfaction and monitor your hotels review score.

View your conversion rates, review requests and completed reviews.

OTA & review site feed
reputation tracker - review feed

Track new reviews posted on third party OTA and review sites.

The Reputation Tracker module will alert you when a new review is posted on over 20 different OTA and review sites.

Save time by not having to visit multiple OTA and review sites to keep track of what guests are publicly saying about your hotel.

View management responses or forward a review to the relevant department to respond to.

Review Tracker OTA analyitics
Reputation tracker - analytics

An overview of your online reputation

Keep track of how your hotel is doing across over 20 different OTA and review sites.

View month on month performance, management response ratios and trending topics being mentioned by your guests in their public reviews.

OTA and review site performance metrics
reputation tracker - Analytics

OTA and review site performance metrics

See how your hotels reputation is doing on individual third party OTA sites such as, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Agoda and many more.

Our advanced sentiment analysis identifies positive and negative terms that will effect your rank or rating on that particular site.

Use this insight to tweak your product or service and increase your ranking.

Social share

Tweet your 5 star reviews! Any feedback worth shouting about can be tweeted using our social share feature. Review text is converted into an image to get past Twitters character limit.

Wordpress integration

Want to display a curated list of reviews on your hotels website? Just install our Wordpress widget and publish selected reviews to your website with a click of a button from within ReviewFilter.

QR Code
QR Code / URL enabled

Want to include a QR-code on your stationary or bar receipt? Or how about a branded URL such as
These are just a couple of extra ways you can use to get guest feedback.

30 customers lost from a bad review

A negative review posted online can lose a business as many as 30 customers.

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