Why using the TripAdvisor widget may not be the best idea for hotels


If you are thinking of incorporating TripAdvisor reviews on your hotels website using their free WordPress widget you should consider a few things first.

The obvious risk is that as you have no control over which reviews are displayed so you could be displaying a 1 star review from a disgruntled guest on your own website putting off potential guests that were ready to book.

What may not be so obvious to a hotelier is that by displaying the TripAdvisor widget you are providing a direct link to your TripAdvisor page and actively encouraging the potential guest to click through leaving your site in order to read more of the reviews. The danger here is that the potential guest may decide to check out higher ranked hotels in your area at a similar price point.

The third danger is that TripAdvisor has turned into an OTA and a potential guest that you have attracted to your own website through your own marketing efforts may book through them or one of the other OTA’s that advertise on TripAdvisor.

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